Grow. / by Rita Newmeyer

I have been staring at this little planter because it is on the bookshelf next to my desk and bed. 


For those of you that know, I recently went to a conference all about how to grow in yourself and your business and I always come back so inspired and ready to work. I write and ideas flow and I am so pumped up that I can’t imagine not doing the work and absolutely killing this business of mine.

However, the same thing happens. . I get super excited, I make all the lists, I make all the plans and then I stare at them. I stare at them like I have been ironically staring at this little planter.

The irony of this little planter in its current state is much like me when I feel motivated but then I don't do anything. 

This planter says “Grow, Dammit”. And it is empty. 

I feel like sometimes, this is like me looking in the mirror; I am screaming at myself to grow, angry at myself that I have not taken the steps to build this business that I want so much. 

I, like this little planter, am empty. The plant can’t grow, if you don't first put it in the damn pot. I am screaming at myself but I am not putting myself in the planter, I am not putting in the soil and then carefully and patiently watering it.

I am just staring at an empty planter and demanding it to grow. grow now. grow, dammit. 

I was reminded by an affirmation from Jodi of As You Boudoir, that we need time. I need to give myself time to grow. However just as important as giving myself time, I have to first get in the damn pot. I have to make the effort, make the first step, no matter how small. 

I often feel like its either “go big or go home”. Then when I lose the motivation to go big, I just stop. So, here is to finding the balance, giving myself time, but also remembering to keep moving forward no matter how slow.