A lesson in perfection. / by Rita Newmeyer

It was about this time last year that we were waiting and waiting to be home owners. We had found the perfect little house in my dream neighborhood and it was almost ours.  

Now, like all houses that you buy, there was a list of things that we ( mostly me) wanted to change. Painting most, if not all, of the walls, redoing the kitchen,  redoing the laundry room, adding molding and a transom window. The list goes on and on and on. (Thanks, Fixer Upper 😂) 

As we moved in and settled, we did a few things here and there, like paint and garden, but mostly we just enjoyed calling it home. 

I get impatient a lot with all the changes I want to make and then I have to remind myself, none of it actually needs  to be done. I wanted the “perect” and “Instagram worthy” house and I started forgetting how lucky we are to have our little house in the first place. 

I was having one of those “it needs to be pretty now” moments over the weekend and I tried to remind myself that it really doesn’t matter. 

This is what matters.   


Making brownies with my boy in our perfect kitchen, in our perfect house. 💕

I have had so many people ask for pictures of the house and I haven’t wanted to do a house tour because I felt like it wasn’t “ready”. I am currently working on a little house tour post, whether it’s “ready” or not.